A campsite not quite like any other! 

The Domaine de Pradines is space, nature, freedom, calm and farniente. 

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A traditional and family-orientated campsite where you will find the pleasures of true camping in a vast natural landscape.  The site is family-run, we are not a chain and we offer an individual and personalised service. The uniqueness of this campsite is that it is very spread-out in a preserved natural environment: 50 pitches for tents, caravans and camping cars spread out across 20 hectares - you don't find that everywhere!

Set back from the roads it is a safe environment for children and a vast natural and wild playground for young and old(er!).

Persons with reduced mobility have access to a cabin with shower, toilet and washbasin as well as an emplacement close to the sanitary block which needs to be booked in advance.  Please note that access around the campsite is by stony earth tracks.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

In 2018 our 2 stars classification was renewed. This classification suits us as administrative evaluations are not representative of what the site offers and our values.  No points are awarded for not wanting to denaturalise the site by concreeting our paths or limiting nightime light pollution pour only having one lampost.

Please excuse our appearance this year, the pine trees on the Causse Noir are not as green and bushy as usual as this winter there was a peak in population of the processionnary caterpillar which eats pine needles.  This peak is a natural cycle and happens about every 30 years.  The trees are not dead and they have many buds but despite our hopes we don’t think they will be green  for this summer.  At the moment they are brown and this why we have decided to warn our clients about our aspect.

The processionnary caterpillar has been in this region for many years.  In the winter they form large white cocoons on the pine trees and in early Spring they descend from the tree in a ‘procession’.  This is when they can be dangerous as their defense system is to release small hairs which cause itching and can cause allergic reactions.  After the procession the caterpillar goes under the ground and starts pupating into a moth (night butterfly) to come out at night between June-late July.  The caterpillars are not present in the summer. 

The advice given by the forestry authorities is to not touch cocoons and to watch children and animals.  The cocoons on the trees on the emplacements have been removed  up to ‘human height’.  If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

wifiPet allowedTennis courtParkingRestaurantPoolMeeting room

- 2 sanitaray blocks, in converted barns, situated at the entrance of the campsite Grand Terrain.  Showers, toilets and washbasins in individual cabins. Cabin for PRM (shower, WC and sink).
       * The vastness of the site means that some pitches are a certain distance from the sanitary block (200-400m.). We attribute the emplacements around mid-June (by chronological order or reservation).  On your reservation sheet specify your needs and preferences so we can select the emplacements that suits you.
- water points in various areas of the campsite.
- electric points, european plugs 16amp. Some emplacements are some distance to the electric point so we advise that you bring a long lead + adaptor (50 m. is good!)
- sinks with hot water for washing up and laundry.
- washing and drying machines a activited with a token.
- freezer blocks can be left in a freezer  (free).

FIRES sticktly forbiden: there are 2 barbecue areas with tables.

Route de Millau, D28
30750 Lanuéjols
Gard - Languedoc - France
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