The Environment and us

Our engagement for sustainable tourisme
  • Signatories of the 'European Charter for Sustainable Tourism' since 2015 and renewed in 2019.
  • ZERO PESTICIDES: in 2015 our village became one of the first of the region to engage in a zero-pesticide maintenance of its public spaces and roads.  At the Domaine de Pradines we don't use pesticides.
  • COMPOST we have a compost bin and we encourage composting of green matter following clear rules
  • ENERGY we ask clients to be sensitive to wastage by turning off lights and heaters when not needed.  Some of our lodgings have wood burning heatings.
  • WATER we ask clients to be sentive to wastage of water but also to its use in general.  To water our borders we use the watern cisterns which are original to the buildings.  The ancient folk didn't know the meaning of 'waste'.
  • USE of CARS on site: we ask you to limit your use of motorised vehicules on site.  In the summer our small shop and restaurant on site allows you limit the kms.
  • TO GET TO US: the car remains the main way to get around in our area (we can't have everything!) and we are not well supplied by public transport but there are alternatives which exist and which are developing.

Thank you for your help and cooperation in preserving our environment, even on a small scale.

Our approach to the environment

In our family-run campsite, situated in the heart of a preserved nature classed Natura 2000 as well as UNESCO world heritage, we give a very important place to the respect of nature and we strive to minimise our impact on the environment.

Nowadays Ecology has become a marketing tool.  However for us, without blowing our horn, respecting our environment and having habits which are so-called 'ecological' are simply our everyday life. 

We are actively engaged in sustainable tourisme and with the help of the local network Cévennes Ecotourisme we have signed the European charter for sustainable tourism in 2015. 

We encourage our visitors to have an environmental conscience.  We strive to preserve the quality of living and the beauty of our exceptionnal natural environment.

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