The Regionvisits and activities in Cévennes

The Mont Aigoual and outdoor activities

4-season Nature pole, proposing all kinds of outdoor activities from trecks and discovery circuits to geo-cache, VTT, trail and multi-activity tracks, visit the website

Observatory, last lived-in météological station in France.  Worth the visit for the museum and woodland-associated history, the panoramas, the permanent and temporary exhibitions, the conferences and activities organised during the summer. At 35 km. visit the website

Rivers and their activities

The Causse Noir plateau is surrounded by 3 rivers the Tarn, Dourbie and Jonte  situated between 20 and 50 mins as well as a few other more discreet water points.  As well as the magnificent views to get to them there are a number of activities possible: swimming, canooing, fishing, canyoning, hiking as well as climbing and via ferratta.  Here are a few contacts:
La Barbote canoë and kayak at the Rozier on the Tarn and multi-activities (canyon, elastic jump)
L'Alternative canoë and kayak at the Rozier on the Tarn, and free concerts at the bar in July and August.
Roc et Canyon: canoë and kayak on the Dourbie and the Tarn and multi-activities (rafting, climbing, paint ball....)

Horse and Donkey ridding

Various equestrian experiences going from being a cowboy to riding a Fjord horse or a donkey:

Randals Bisons, Lanuéjols (7 min. or 4 km by foot) for a true Western experience, treks on the private estate of this large bison farm in July and Agusut,  Visit the website.

Anatole Rando-Ane for an outing on donkey back, possible, from Meyrueis (15 kms) for the day or as a trek, visit the website

Ferme équestre del'Arte, Meyrueis (15 min.), family run.  Specialises in Fjord horses which are not too tall and calm, ideal for children.  Outings and lessons,  Visit the website.   Les Ecuries du Méjéan, Causse Méjéan (30 min.) visit the website or Ferme Equestre du Causse Noir (Montpellier le Vieux, 30 min.) visit the website

The world below

The limestone plateaux typical of our region has led to a strong tradition of potholing and the discovery of the underworld.  There are some lovely visits to make to discover this fascinating world:

La Grotte Dargilan, the pink cave, on the Causse Noir (15 mins) Visit the website

L'Abîme de Bramabiau, towards the Mont Aigoual (15 mins) Visit the website

L'Aven Armand, on the Causse Méjéan (30 mins) Visit the website

LaGrotte des Demoiselles (close to Ganges, 1h30) Visit the website

Ski Station on the Mont Aigoual
The town of Millau
Tourist Offices

We are at the frontier of 3 départements, the Gard, the Lozère and the Aveyron

We are luckly to have a wide variety of things to do and see and different tourist offices which will inform you.  However, this also means that you have to actively get the information in order to make the most of our region, not to miss anything and to organise your days.

Gard, on the Aigoual at the col de la Serreyrède (20 mins from Pradines) Offices de Tourisme Sud Cévennes

Lozère, Meyrueis (15 mins from Pradines) Office de Tourisme de Meyrueis

Aveyron, Nant (30 mins) Office de Tourisme Larzac et Vallées or at Millau (35 mins) Office de Tourisme Millau

Music and Culture

The Festival d'Opéra Grand Sud will launch it's 4th season this summer.  Before the start of this new season, a few musical afternoons are scheduled. Check out the programme on the website

Millau Jazz Festival, mid-July 2017, not to be missed (Millau is only 35-40 mins away!).  Other concerts are programmed all along the year, see the program on the website

Chamber Music Festival of the Larzac, early August, beautiful music, beautiful surroundings, great program, check the website



See animals

Whether it's the reintroduction of species, the raising of a totally new specy, a museum or an animal parc, there's lots to see:

Belvedere of Vultures, gorges of the Jonte (40 mins), visit the site

Przewalski Horse sanctuary, Causse Méjéan (50 mins), the last truly wild horse which became extinct in its natural enrironment in the '60s.  Raising and returning them back to Mongolia, visit the site

Randals Bisons, at Lanuéjols (7 km), is a bison farm proposing visits of the bisons and their estate western style.  It also has a restaurant serving bison meat and in July and August each Wednesday it has a western show with pen roping, visit the site

Micropolis, discover insects and their world in this city of insects museum 20 mins from Millau, visit the site

Reptilarium, on the Larzac à St Eulalie de Cernon, visit the site


La Couvertoirade,  pretty medieval village classed one of the prettiest villages of france, ancient templar city in the middle of the Larzac plateau, at approx. 40 mins, visit the site

Museum of the old Caussenarde Farm, see how people lived and survived in this harsh and diffcult landscape.  Situated in the pretty village of Hyelzas which overlooks the Gorge de la Jonte, visit the site

Château de Peyrelade, built on a rock overlooking the valley of the Tarn the castle was in the middle ages one of the most important fortresses of the Rouergue.  The site is being restored for the last 30 years.  Great activities and re-enlivements during July and August, visit the site

The mysterious world of rocks

The geological richness of our region has given us some spectacular caves opened to the public as well as impressive rock formations allowing for atypical walks:

Chaos de Montpellier-le-Vieux, (30 mins), very original circuit with amazing views in the largest rocky labyrinth of Europe, either by foot or with the small train with a commentary.  On site there is alos a via ferrata and an acro-roc circuit for children visit the site

Chaos de Nîmes-le-Vieux  (40 mins), more extraordinary rocky formations, less frequented, but very atmospheric.

Templar circuits

A great car circuit to visit various Templar villages and bases on the Causse du Larzac will bring you along beautiful villages and grand landscapes.

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