Le Domaine de Pradines
Le Domaine de Pradines
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Our engagement for sustainable tourisme


Environmental approach

Signatories of the 'European Charter for Sustainable Tourism' since 2015 and renewed in 2019.

In our family campsite, situated in the heart of a preserved nature, classified as Natura 2000 and UNESCO World Heritage, we respect nature and strive to conduct our business with a minimum impact on the environment.

Today, ecology has become marketing. But for us, the respect of the environment and 'ecological' actions are simply our daily life.

We are actively involved in eco-responsible tourism and we are members of the local association Cévennes Ecotourisme , which helped us in 2015 to sign the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

We are committed to preserve the quality of life and the beauty of our exceptional natural environment. We animate and remind our visitors to be eco-responsible: to avoid wasting energy, to limit car journeys on the site, to sort waste (following the instructions!), to eat local food. So we have decided to:
- limit public lighting on the site, even if it means that we can't get a 3-star rating. Never mind, we prefer to protect the nocturnal fauna and flora and preserve the magnificent starry sky.
- we have always been a PESTICIDE-FREE campsite and are happy to share this commitment with our village, Lanuéjols.
- we recycle waste. We have a compost that is used for our borders and our small herb garden that is available to our guests.
We ask you to take great care in recycling your waste : Yellow bin: plastic, tins, cans, paper/cardboard. Glass in the glass bin. Grey bin>: general non recyclable waste. Compost: food waste, cooked or uncooked. No meat. No plastic. You can ask us for a compost bucket for your stay, to be returned clean when you leave. - to avoid waste we sell bulk products in our grocery shop (toilet paper, coffee filters, bin bags, laundry and dishwasher tablets etc.)
- Linen is not provided. Washing linen requires a lot of water and in an effort to manage our water resources responsibly in our region where there is little water we encourage our clients to bring their own bed and house linen. This also means a cost less for the holiday budget. Renting of sheets possible (not towels).

PROJECTS / WISHES: ecological choices are not the easiest and require time for research, execution, investment and maintenance but we do not lose hope. If you have any advice or good addresses, we are always interested.
- increase the bulk service of the grocery shop ( sugar, flour...). We need suitable food bins. If you know of any second hand available, we would be interested!
- water collector for the toilet flushes of the campsite toilet block.
- an environmentally friendly solution for our sewage system that runs through the campsite.
- Creation of a new toilet and shower area in the Pinède du Bas for the comfort of our campers with showers, sinks, washbasins and compost toilets.

Domaine de Pradines

 Route de Millau, D28
     30750 Lanuéjols - Gard
(+33) 04 67 82 73 85


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(+33) 04 67 82 73 85

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We are opened every day by telephone or email!
July and August: 8.30am-12.30pm and  3pm-8.30pm.  These times may vary.
The rest of the time on demand during our opening hours 9am-12pm and  2pm-7pm.

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