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Come and make the most of nature and large spaces at the Domaine de Pradines with family, just two, on your own or as a group taking the time to reconnect with yourself or close ones.

It is an ideal site for those seeking space, nature and tranquility. This vast domaine of 150 hectares which is family-run has Templar origins then became a farm and has been welcoming holiday-makers for nearly 40 years!   Situated on the plateau of the Causse Noir at 900m. alt. (3000ft) in the National Parc of the Cévennes with the town of Millau at 35kms, we are an ideal starting point to visit the many attractions of this region which was registered a UNESCO world heritage in 2011.

We offer a large choice of accommodation such as gîtes,chalets, bungalows, atypical options such as yurts, the Nest and the Starry Bubble as well as camping pitches on the 20h campsite. 

Being on a plateau we benefit from beautiful luminosity all day and wonderful night skies.  There is a unique atmosphere with the combination of ancient buildings, space and a preserved nature.  Come and discover the hidden corners of this vast domaine.

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A nice programme:

26th April & 7th June accompanied walk to Read the Landscape and understand the natural and human heritage.  Selected by the Parc des Cévennes.

16th July Discover Bats of the Causse Noir.  Information and activity stand and evening outing.  Organised by Natura2000 and the local communes.  Selected by the Parc des Cévennes.

16-19th July astronomical festival Nuits du Causse Noir for the initiated, amateurs and just the curious.  Don't miss this date in the 2nd french IDA (International Dark-sky Association).

11th August documentary-film Elles Vivent Ici, on women who have chosen to live in the region and they explain why.


Season 2019

Thank you to all of you who have visited Pradines this year.  We have enjoyed welcoming you, meeting you and for many of you we have very much enjoyed seeing you again, catching up.

We are only 3 persons to run Pradines so we would love to have your opinion, advice, experiences.  You probably saw things that we don't!  Do not hesitate to let us know by email. 

You can also send us some photos of your holiday (if you are ok with us using it on our site!).

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